godam: songs about being tired and giving up

October 15 – November 11, 2021

“Making sense is overrated, sometimes I just say shit.” – An Instagram user

It has become a norm for so many of us to communicate through the format of memes. I imitate the basic meme format of visual and text to convey myself in a way that is familiar with a lot of people. By doing so I am personally denouncing the conventional way of looking at art and elevating­—or re-elevating—the experience of looking at memes on social media to the realm of conventional art. In my work, I reveal some truths about myself in hope to evoke emotions and introspections within my viewer. At times, my drawings can seem whiny and self-centered, it’s because they are.

godam is a visual artist currently residing in Treaty 7 territory (Mohkinstsis/ Calgary). He  completed a BFA in Painting and minored in Print Making at AUArts. His work is heavily  informed by his experience as an emotional individual. He utilizes his own tweets and  meme-like imagery as material to explore themes of desire, loneliness, and self  acceptance. He views his own work as a constructive personal coping mechanism  towards a simultaneous yearning and fear of intimacy.

Below are scans of godam’s drawings that are also available to view through the QR code within the exhibition.

Documentation by Chelsea Yang-Smith.

This project has been generously funded by the Calgary Foundation.