Tanisha Wesley

March 12th – April 2nd


Warhpanîbi means hope in Stoney. In my Stoney culture, the crocuses symbolise hope, new life, and new beginnings. Representing a sense of renewal, and in connection to the sign of Spring, the bag serves as a vessel for letting go of something and looking toward the future. The bag is adorned with four beaded crocuses and also represents the four directions. Here it faces west…

Artist Bio

Tanisha Wesley is an emerging artist from Stoney Nakoda and resides on the traditional lands of Morley, AB. Her work includes drawing, printed works, and traditional pieces that speak of her Stoney culture. She works with the four directions and continuously learns about them through her process of creation and research. Tanisha has received her Bachelor in Fine Arts at the Alberta College of Art + Design as well as her Bachelors in Education from the University of Calgary. Currently she is studying for her Masters Degree in Education at the University of Calgary.

This project has been generously funded by the Calgary Foundation.

Documentation courtesy the artist and Han Sungpil.