JULY 7 – JULY 29, 2000



TONGUE TIED is a self-published magazine with a colletion of works by various artists and writers. Its contents have included fiction, ink prints, illustrated stories, collage, drawings, poetry and photography. The common thread throughout the publication has been the enthusiasm with which the contributors have explored various themes which are of interest, including themes of childhood, sexuality, religion, isolation and relationships. Not constrained by any particular medium as a sole means of expression, the artists who are represented in this exhibition work in many areas. As Lydia Lunch wrote in issue two of Tongue Tied; “To do spoken word or illustrated word, to sculpt, take photographs, make music and films …depend(s) on the need/project. I hope my influence is felt by the fact I have always and will always continue to explore multiple mediums in an effort to communicate as fully as possible.” It is this common effort to challenge themselves and the viewers to perceive in new ways which brings this group together.

This group of nine artists have regularly contributed to the Calgary-based collective that writes and makes art for TONGUE TIED, a self-published magazine. They will bring the idea of Tongue-Tied into the gallery setting, constructing a “live” version of the book; the gallery walls transformed into large book pages, each numbered with vinyl lettering. Each of the nine artists produced something on the theme of desire. Mediums are wide varying, including photo-collage, painting, video, embroidery and sculpture.



BROOKE BAMPTON graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1999 with a BFA in Interdisciplinary studies. Her photo/video based work has included themes of identity and gender/religious commentary.

DJ DAVIDSON is a writer, singer, DJ and author of the ongoing novel “Secret City of Crime” (a pornographic adventure). His concerns in relation to literary creation centre on the challenge that formalized techniques of writing propose to the possibility of experimentation.

JANICE DOWSON is a self taught jewelry maker whose practice has directed her to experiment with a vast array of media; creating works that involve an assemblage of wood, wire, images and text.

GLYNNIS ESHAWEN is the publisher of Tongue Tied and a practicing artist within Calgary. Her visual works have dealt with concepts of inner and outer space as they apply to the construction of boxes or “treasure chests”.

TAMARA ESHAWEN graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1987 with a diploma in Painting. Utilizing her shared interests in music, literature and the visual, Tamara has produced a body of work that engages in themes of sexuality, identity and memory.

MARNIE HIEBERT is a self taught artist who in the last two years has begun experimenting with polaroid photography / collage. In 1998 she was part of a group show at the New Gallery entitled “The Agency of the Flesh”.

DEREK HILL combines “Sculpty” and paint to create narrative story boards of the 3D persuasion. He is a sign painter by day as well as a dedicated member of Tongue Tied.

YURIKO IGA received her BFA from the sculpture department of the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1999. Yuriko concerns herself with the notions of sculpture being perceived and experienced as installation or social space.

COLLEEN LANGFORD has been creating art for the past eight years. Throughout the years she has apprenticed under expert printmakers and photographers that provided her with invaluable experience.

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