Opportunity for BIPOC writers

We are soliciting and encouraging BIPOC writers based in Alberta to apply to the Momus Emerging Critics Residency.

The Momus Emerging Critics Residency has launched its 2020 summer editions with the express focus of addressing the lack of diversity in art publishing at its source. Bringing Black and POC leadership to the fore of these residencies, Momus will work to directly address, deconstruct, and help remedy the severe underrepresentation of people of color within the industry.

The Momus Emerging Critics Residency is an intensive residency program intended for a spectrum of participants, including current students, alumna, and working professionals arriving from any number of fields. It helps foster the next generation of art writers through mentorship and practical skills development. Participants from year one have already gone on to publish with Momus, edit for Momus, and win national writing awards.

The deadline is soon, on June 22nd, but Stride will assist with any step of the application process to help you submit the application.

If you are accepted to the residency, we will cover your enrollment fee of $600.

We support BIPOC art writers in Alberta. For more details to receive support, please contact Areum Kim at director@stride.ab.ca