June 15 – July 11, 2020

Stride Gallery Windows

1006 Macleod Tr SE

Indefinite Arts Centre and Stride Gallery are proud to present two new works by David Oppong and Adeel Sadiq. Each work is reflective of how both artists are staying in touch and connected with their family, friends and communities during this time of social distancing.

About Indefinite Arts Centre:

The Indefinite Arts Centre is Canada’s oldest and largest disability arts organization, providing artistic training, creation, and exhibition opportunities for people with developmental, physical, and acquired disabilities.

David Oppong, Resiliency and Coronavirus (2020)

David A. Oppong is an artist currently residing in Calgary, Alberta. He was born in Accra, Ghana, and was the first born to parents of Ghanaian descent. Oppong moved to Canada in December of 2017.

Oppong loves to capture emotional scenarios through photography and drawing. He often uses his art as a way to process, reflect on, and learn about situations represented through television and movies. Reproducing various scenarios helps Oppong understand different situations. Framing is very important to Oppong, and he uses angles, perspective, posture, and facial expressions to share his insights. He also loves the lines and designs of sports cars, which is a passion shared between him and his father.

As a peaceful and kind-hearted person, most of Oppong’s drawings are done during quiet moments where he can express himself in a relaxed and creative space.

Artist statement:
This piece is divided into two realms. The face is both happy and sad about our current global situation. Although it is divided in two, these two realities are connected. Some of the leaves are dying, but there are roots that join and connect the darkness of the virus and the light of the sun. It may seem like a new normal, but these emotions have always been connected. Everything has been hard to deal with, but light will be through everything. We will get through this, and future days will bring happiness.

Adeel Sadiq, The words are something you feel (2020)

The power with my cards and those lines has a big meaning. My dad gives me those lines and what it means; I learn and I’m into it. Reading those lines I feel good; it’s a compliment in a big way. My dad is wise.
I put everything in my art. I make this in love; every detail I put in a canvas, every sketch and when I plan the colours. I want to grow and learn in my art. I want to make lots. I bring books and ideas to Indefinite Arts Centre. I take my time and effort to make it beautiful. Making my art big; I’m making my name. I make from the heart and I make everything with love.
The words are something you feel.

Artist Statement:
The lines I make for this one, this is my art. It touched my heart and my feelings. What is happening, I know this is a tough time. We are going on in this world and the words are like a light.
We are in this together. We are strong together. We are connected together.
I hope that when we get through this we can be stronger, better and bring the fun of the city. We are stuck at home and it feels like the light is off; the fun is off. But we are waiting and this is going to be a long day. The main thing is to wait patiently and hopefully we can get through this.
Everything takes time. We are living in a season.