RAZA Collective: Pelitoz Locoz

August 5th to September 1st

Pelitoz Locoz

Hair is mine, when it’s long, when it’s gone.
Not restricted to gender prices
Hair is a message, a life source.
Hair is culture, hair is counterculture.

RAZA is a transregional multi-medium art collective based in Calgary, formed by Colombian artists Valentina and Laura Caraballo. Valentina holds a BFA from the University of Calgary, and Laura holds a BA in political science from the same university. The collective creates from a psychosocial approach
resulting from the joining of Laura’s political and tactical urbanism knowledge and attention to societal structures & Valentina’s artistic education and interest in the individual experience.

RAZA was born from a sense of otherness, informed by the artists’ immigrant experience and the relief art provided and continues to provide. The collective seeks to become a space where otherness is necessary and invited while exploring and learning new forms of creating, understanding, and unlearning.

Documentation by Han Sungpil.